Teaching Use
Integrated Urban Agriculture
Precedents, Practices, Prospects
Due to its unparalleled, comprehensive nature, Integrated Urban Agriculture is the perfect book to use as the text for an introductory urban agriculture course. Shown here in specific detail is how the book has successfully supported the subject matter covered in the outline for one such course.

The book has received endorsement as a valuable course text from a widely diverse background of undergraduate students, including those enrolled in environmental science, biology, urban design and planning, political science, sustainability, bioveterinary science, philosophy, health promotion, agricultural science, marine biology, agricultural business, and undeclared arts and sciences.

Science, Society, Design & Development
Module 1. Introduction & Historical Background
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Module 2. Foundations
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Module 3. Technical Elements
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Module 4. Operational Elements
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If you are interested in obtaining a copy of Integrated Urban Agriculture to review for its adoption as a course text book, please contact the publisher directly by email inquiries@libripublishing.co.uk or through their website www.libripublishing.co.uk