Becoming the Way
Along the Way
Pilgrimage Scenes from the Camino Francés to Santiago de Compostela
‘El camino es un druga’ (the way is a drug), the Spaniards say. It enters the body, it fills the veins, it floods the heart and mind.
—N. Laird, To Santiago de Compostela; A journey of remembrance. In Fladmark, J. (Ed.) In Search of Heritage as Pilgrim or Tourist?
On Literary...

Chapter 9 / Inventing Santiago

Subjects (books) reviewed:

Esoteric/New Age
Poetry and Inspiration

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On Visual and Auditory...

Chapter 10 / Capturing Compostela

Subjects reviewed:

Photography and Art*

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On Confraternity...

Chapter 11 / Bulletin Bonhomie

Subjects reviewed:

Purpose and Methods
Incidents and Anecdotes
Depth and Breadth*
Practicalities and Reciprocity
Rants and Reviews

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On Zeitgeist...

Chapter 12 / Shell Shocked and Star Struck

Subjects reviewed:

Slouching Towards Santiago
Anthropology, Ethnography, and Geography*
Building a Camino Library**
The Modern Pilgrimage Disease: Diagnosis Caminopilia!
The Modern Cultural Phenomenon of Pilgrimage*

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**Classic & contemporary reference books shown