Look Inside
Integrated Urban Agriculture
Precedents, Practices, Prospects
In addition to the Table of Contents, Look Inside includes complete listings of the subject headings of all chapters and also topics addressed in the learned commentaries. Other information provided are sample illustrations, books reviewed in the introductory chapter, as well as identification of more than a hundred site-specific projects, plans and proposals discussed in the book.

Table of Contents

Chapter Subject Headings

The Once and Future City Farm

  • From Oxymoron to Opportunity: The Philosophy and Popularity of Urban Agriculture
  • Once More, the Wheel: Reinventing Integrated Urban Agriculture for the 21stCentury

Public Produce: Food By the People, For the People

  • Introduction
  • Food Insecurity in North America
  • The Cost of Healthy Calories
  • Growing Fascination and Demand for Local Produce
  • Examples of Public Produce
  • Food Literacy
  • Children and Food Literacy

Making Agriculture Part of the City: Lessons from Research for Policy in the Global South

  • Introduction
  • Urban Agriculture: The Return of the Ostracized
  • How Different is UA from Rural Agriculture?
  • What is Urban Agriculture Today?
  • Growth of Urban Agriculture in the Global South
  • What is Urban Agriculture’s Impact on Lives Now?
  • Research for Policy on Urban Agriculture: Some Lessons
  • What Role for Demand Versus Supply Research?
  • Single-City or Multiple-City Initiatives?

Designing Urban Agricultural Forms: History, Education, Proposals and Projects

  • Introduction: Exploring the Function of Form in Urban Agriculture
  • History: An Ontogenesis of Productive Urban Landscapes
  • Education: Growing Design Minds
  • Proposals: Dreaming Edible Cities
  • Projects: Landscape Design in Gardens
  • Conclusion: Moving Urban Agriculture From Last Resort to Lasting Resource

Urban Agriculture Linkages: Patterns, Planning, and Education

  • Introduction
  • Academic Research
  • Urban Planning and Design
  • Urban Farms
  • Student Farms
  • Community Gardens
  • Urban Agriculture for Children and Youth

Resilient City = Carrot City: Urban Agriculture Theories and Designs

  • Introduction
  • Wicked Problems
  • Food Supply as a Wicked Problem
  • Resilient Cities
  • Resilient City = Productive City
  • Cities and Food
  • Resilient City = Carrot City
  • Junk Space
  • Temporarily Vacant Land
  • The Urban Lawn
  • Productive Rooftops
  • Farming Subdivisions
  • Conclusion

Agricultural Urbanism: Building Sustainable Urban and Regional Food Systems for 21st Century Cities

  • Introduction
  • Sustainable Urban and Regional Food Systems
  • Scale, Growth, and an Agricultural Urbanism
  • Secure Food System-Supportive Land Use Patterns at All Scales
  • Planning Framework for Agricultural Urbanism
  • Implementing Agricultural Urbanism
  • Engaging Developers in Agricultural Urbanism
  • Food Hubs
  • Examples and Lessons From the Field
  • Conclusion

Urban Agriculture as a Response to the Great Recession

  • Introduction
  • Food Insecurity and Obesity
  • Economic Development and Job Creation
  • Cultural Changes
  • Policy Responses
  • Opening Up New Urban Agriculture Spaces
  • Connecting Urban Agriculture to Economic Development
  • Urban Agriculture Governance in an Era of Economic Austerity

Example Illustrations

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Topics Addressed in Learned Commentaries
  • UA projects as complex social-ecological systems
  • Valuing women’s roles in UA
  • How organic agriculture and soil science contribute to sustainable UA
  • Realities and challenges in raising and killing urban livestock
  • Importance of considering wastewater reuse in UA
  • History of Planning’s relationship with UA
  • Challenge of UA with respect to real estate markets
  • Importance of gardeners and their knowledge to successful UA
  • UA as a specialized form of landscape architecture
  • Sustainable food movements in North America
  • Community supported agriculture in China
  • Transitioning to ecologically-sound and health-enabling urban food systems
  • Contribution of UA to urban open space and resilience
  • Highly managed and artificial UA projects
  • Agricultural urbanism as part of regional food systems
  • Importance of value-added perspectives in the entire production-delivery chain of UA
  • UA as an economic enterprise
  • Longevity of UA in the light of shifts in social values
Books Reviewed

Reading Urban Gardens and Farms: Literature, Layering and Largesse

“The purpose of this chapter is to bring readers new to the field of UA quickly up to date, by introducing some of the salient features of this rapidly expanding literature. We do this…by summarizing representative publications through a series of bulleted points of interest that emerge from each work.”
Integrated Urban Agriculture, pg. 15
Site-Specific Projects, Plans & Proposals
More Than One Hundred Examples are Discussed
  • Wheatfield – A Confrontation, NYC
  • Medieval farm, Much Wenlock, England
  • The Vintry Garden, St. Albans, England
  • Allotments, London
  • Community gardens, NYC
  • Private urban farms, NYC & Oakland
  • New Deal Homesteads, American West
  • Sustainable urban agriculture farms, Cuba
  • eThekwini City, South Africa
  • Food Policy Council, Kamloops BC
  • Public Works Department gardens, San Francisco
  • City Hall Garden, Provo UT
  • City Hall veggie patch and orchard, Calgary
  • Public park, Worthington OH Fallen Fruit maps, San Francisco
  • Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture, San Francisco
  • Martin Luther King School edible schoolyard, Berkeley
  • Ancient city food systems, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Pakistan, Crete, Roman Algeria, Mexico, Peru & Central Africa
  • National urban agriculture program, Brazil
  • National Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture and Livestock Policy, Kenya
  • Canadian IDRC household surveys on the economic importance of UA, Kenya 6 cities, Tanzania 6 cities, Dar esSalaam, Kampala, Harare, Amman, Santiago de losCaballeros Dominican Republic, Governador Valadares Brazil, Rosario Argentina & Cienfuegos Cuba
  • Historical Roman and Palladian villas, Italy
  • Historic peach wall gardens, Paris
  • Les Hortillonnages, Amiens France
  • Westbury Court Garden, England
  • Biotechnichome gardens, Germany
  • Allotments, Denmark
  • Hants Farm, Detroit
  • Harvard Community Garden, Cambridge MA
  • University of Washington’s Garden of Eatin’, Seattle
  • Detroit Mercy University’s AdamahRedux plans, Detroit
  • Rhode Island School of Design’s garden implement designs
  • Dalhousie University’s Cogswell Interchange proposal, Halifax NS
  • Conceptual plans for Trafalgar Square and LeadenhallStreet, London, & Ravine City and Gardiner Expressway, Toronto
  • Agrarian urbanism conceptual village-farm plans
  • South Side Community Land Trust City Farm, Providence
  • Berkeley Street Community Garden, Boston
  • New York Restoration Project’s Curtis ‘50 Cent’ Jackson Garden, NYC
  • Food production assessment potential report, Nanaimo BC
  • Urban agriculture city plan, Guelph ON
  • CPULs, Cuba
  • Urban Agriculture Policy Guide and Groundwork Assessment Program, Minneapolis
  • Soil Assessment Guide for Allotments and Community Gardens, Toronto
  • Toronto Region Conservation Authority Urban Farm
  • Growing Power, Milwaukee
  • GreensgrowFarms, Philadelphia
  • Stone’s Throw Urban Farm, Minneapolis
  • Wally’s Urban Market Garden, Saskatoon
  • LufaFarms, Montreal
  • VisserFarms, Edmonton
  • Zenger Farms, Portland OR
  • McVean Farm, Toronto
  • Bera College gardens and greenhouse, Kentucky
  • Guelph Center for Urban Organic Farming, Guelph ON
  • University of California Davis’s Student Farm
  • University of Oregon’s The Urban Farm
  • Evergreen State College Organic Farm, Olympia WA
  • University of British Columbia’s farm
  • Troy Farms, Madison WI
  • P-Patch Community Garden, Seattle
  • Vancouver Victory Garden
  • Southeast False Creek plan, Vancouver
  • Ryerson University Carrot City initiative
  • Riverside Farm, NYC
  • Harvest Green proposal, Vancouver
  • Green Roof Grant Program, Chicago
  • Agritopia subdivision project, Phoenix
  • British Columbia Agricultural Land Trust
  • Southlands development, Tsawwassen BC
  • New Monaco development, Okanagan Valley BC
  • City-wide Food and Urban Agriculture Strategy, Edmonton
  • The Stop Community Food Centre, Toronto
  • Detroit Eastern Market
  • Calgary Farmers’ Market
  • New City Market, Vancouver
  • Hayes Valley Farm, San Francisco
  • Green Carts program, NYC
  • A Recipe for Healthy Places food systems plan, Chicago
  • Via Verde housing project, NYC
  • NYC green infrastructure and urban agriculture program
  • Food Interdepartmental Team, Seattle